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Service for Research and development (R&D)

In-Company Startup Development

  • Driving innovation within a well-established company can be a real challenge. Breaking away from patterns and mindsets and “the way things are done” requires you to reach escape-velocity.
  • At UIDB, we can give you the boost and the external original twist to help you break orbit and fly.

Innovation Track-Record

We at UIDB have extensive experience in developing cutting-edge tools that push the limits of the possible. If you can imagine it, we can plan and develop it.

Start-Up Building Track-Record

  • We have teamed with numerous company start-ups to help drive their innovation to new heights.
  • We are familiar with both the Lean Startup methodology and the Zero-to-One mindset.
  • We bring to the table rich experience in defining Minimal Viable Products that soar. Together, we’ll specify exactly what your MVP needs in order to take off as high as possible with the smartest investment on your part. And from there? The sky is only the beginning.

Revolutionary Approach to The Future

The prevalent approach in the market is to invest as little as possible in the MVP. Once the idea proves worthy, the product is re-developed from scratch with an emphasis on quality.

We challenge that approach. With the right type of planning and developing, we can build a cost-effective MVP that will serve you in the future as a strong basis for your product. Why pay twice on the same base functionality?

When your launch-pad is well-built, you can rocket up as high as you wish.

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