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RECO (react.cordova)

Reco (react.cordova)

Reco (react.cordova)

Welcome to Reco (React+Cordova)

Reco unifies React.js and Cordova into one CLI which bundles both platforms together and provides the developer with the ability to generate Cordova hybrid cross-platform applications built in React.js.

This bundled platform facilitates and automates project initialization, compilation and build actions for React.js developers who wish to build web/mobile/desktop applications using the powerful and most vast Cordova environment. Reco is the bundle where both Cordova and React.js platforms merge and work together as one. Enjoy your coding and development experience using Reco!

Installing Reco CLI

sudo npm install -g react.cordova

Initialize a new bundle project

reco init com.example.hello "hello world"
Creates both react-app and cordova-app and then will merge one into the other

Explore Reco CLI


reco help

New version

  • project folder
    • src
    • public
    • platforms
    • plugins
    • www
    • build
    • hooks
    • package.json
    • package-lock.json
    • ...

Serve debug mode

To run a bundle serve React and Cordova simulation

npm start

Project build

Perform a build action for your project using the following command

npm run build
npm run build <cordova platform>

Builds cordova-app for browser, mobile and other platforms.

  • will generate an apk installable package for Android devices
  • will generate an xcworkspace XCode project that can be compiled and built for deployment on iOS devices

Integrated Cordova CLI

To run Cordova CLI simply prepend the reco prefix to any Cordova command line

For example:

npm start 

npm test

npm install <npm packages for react>

npm uninstall <npm packages for react>

npm <any react command line to run> - React CordovaReact Cordova

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