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Measure 100 times before you make the first cut...Plan with UIDB before you get it developed

Project Specifications

When you’re done explaining it to us, our work only begins...



Understanding market and demand

Technical Specs


Choosing the best technologies for you

Client Journeys


Planning with conversion and retention in mind

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How Does it Work?

A Step-by-Step Breakdown


First, Tell Us Your Story

You have a vision. It’s our job to listen, understand, analyze, and pin it down on paper so that everyone is perfectly clear about every inch of what needs to be done.

We’ll bring up the scenarios you may have overlooked, the questions that require hard decisions, and the focus of a laser beam to cut off the superfluous bits that would cost a fortune to develop.

Together, we capture the essence of your vision and outline the specifications of a product that has the best chances of thriving in the jungle that’s out there.

Next, It’s Time to Explore

We never stay isolated in the wide planes of our own minds. We go out there to test what’s already been done, where your product can shine, and what your product must cover to be competitive

Through intensive market research, we make sure your product not only aligns with your vision, but also with the needs of your target audience.

This phase helps us minimize risks and maximize your chances for success.


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Understanding Your Clients

Next, we take everything we’ve learned and work on creating friendly client journeys. Through these journeys, we make sure your potential clients understand where they are and how to fulfill their needs at every step of the process.

This careful consideration of Client Experience (CX) will help us maximize your product’s conversion and retention rates, reduce abandonment and churn, and make it a simple pleasure to use your product.

Bringing it All Together

Now that we know the market and how you want to change it, it’s time to distill this knowledge into a precise, comprehensive Product Requirements Document (PRD).

This document serves as the operations manual of your product development. It covers everything from the required functionality to the intended user experience. It will guide both designers and developers to deliver the best possible product.

With a great PRD, you can be certain that everyone understands your vision to a “T”, and that what we’ve planned together is precisely what you will receive.


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What’s Next?

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Designing The Dream

With an perfect PRD in hand, we’re now ready to start rendering your dream and giving it form.

We’ll take into account your aesthetic preferences, your branding (if any), best practices, accessibility, and user experience to create a sleek, modern user interface that will bring your product to live.

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